Staff Testimonials

Working for RA is an amazing experience…the flexibility and team work atmosphere make every day a great day. I truly enjoy each of my team members and value the knowledge that each therapist is willing to share to make sure that we are providing the best care possible.

~ Whitney Carter, DPT

I love the flexibility RA offers. The children I work with make me laugh and learn everyday. I wouldn’t trade my career as an occupational therapy assistant for anything, it is very rewarding.

 ~ Mary Ellen Chesney, COTA

I have been working in OT for 34 years now and it has always been fulfilling. Teaching a child how to do something they want to do and have been unable to do is so AWESOME. Seeing the delight and ownership of the skill makes this job!

~ Toby Pennell, COTA

One of the most important reasons I love Rehab is the flexibility and the ability to make your own schedule. Rehab offers flexibility in a way that is very hard to find in other jobs that are offered. This makes Rehab a very family friendly company.

Also, I worked for Rehab in Virginia Beach and found out that my husband and I had to relocate to Richmond. Tracy and Sherry immediately offered me the opportunity to transfer my job to the Richmond area and that I would be able to continue serving early intervention and outpatient clients, just as I had been doing with Rehab in Virginia Beach. With the economy as it is, the fact that Rehabilitation Associates offers this kind of job stability is extremely important to therapists and their families and goes to show how successful this company is.

 ~ Sara Wilson, CCC-SLP

I like the flexibility I have to be able to create, build and adjust my own schedule without having to go through a middle-woman/man. I feel that I am able to provide a more direct contact with the families whom I am providing service too and allows me to be their point of contact.What populations do you serve – EI, School or office? Why do you like this age group?

I serve EI and office settings, which allows me a large variety of age groups to work with. I am able to build connections and assist families in their homes with EI, but I am also able to help further a child’s own abilities and strengths while in the office. Both settings allow me to be a part of the lives of these families, so that I can walk beside them as they make further progress towards desired goals. Unlike other settings or patient populations, I am able to work with the patient (child) as well as their families to build a strategy together.

To me, a therapist is someone who is able to facilitate the way for others, so that their goals can become realistic and true. This can be by physically helping a child/family work towards a goal, or by talking with the child and family, providing the strategies and direct them to reach the goals on their own. I, alone, cannot make anyone reach a goal, but I can provide assistance along the way to help them reach their goals.

~ Sarah Bailey Duckworth, DPT

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