Occupational Therapy

Rehabilitation Associates Occupational-Therapy Occupational therapists are interested in understanding your child’s ability to participate in the activities that are important to your child and family. These include what we refer to as Activities of Daily Living, or ADL’s. ADL’s are brushing your teeth, combing your hair, bathing, dressing, undressing, eating and sleeping.

Occupational therapists are interested in how your child participates in play and leisure activities. These include being able to play with toys, play with peers, attend activities with friends, and do the types of things that kids like to do such as riding a bike or skate board, climbing the monkey bars, or playing a board game.

OTs are interested in how your child performs in school. Can he maintain attention to task, can he write or color as appropriate for his age, and is he able to participate in PE, art and music without having behavioral outbursts?

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